Monday, March 1, 2010

Home is Where Your Garden Grows in South County

Heirloom or not to Heirloom that is the question! When choosing your seeds for the garden be sure and compare the genetically modified vegetables against the origins of the heirloom veggies and fruits. For some the difference between the genetically modified seed and the heirloom vegetables, lies in the growing season, transporting the ripe vegetables and shelf life. For the rest of us stay at home, small yard farmers. We will only grow what tastes better than what we can find at the local grocery store. Heirloom seeds are generations old and passed from garden to table just to preserve flavor. Varieties of vegetables as yummy as what grandma grew and brought to our table with-out visiting the store. If you are interested in starting your own heirloom veggie garden listed bellow you will find resources to shop and purchase seeds on
Looking to purchase the "Heirloom" tomatoes locally??? Try:Sherrie Kennedy's tomatoes, east on Sixth Street to Holsclaw Road, make a right and follow it until you see a large tomato sign. For sale: Wednesday through Friday from noon to 5PM and Saturdays from 9AM to 1PM, or until sold out. The only real down side is they are not in season today :(


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